Battle Lines Are Being Drawn – Biblically Based Conservative Christianity vs. The World

Choose wisely – the battle lines are being drawn

It would normally be quite obvious that with all of the chaos in the world today, specifically the United States, that something is going on in the spiritual world. Unfortunately, however, with the state of Christianity being what it is, the fact that a spiritual upheaval may be occurring in the spiritual world will probably go somewhat unnoticed, and most Christians will just go on as though little or nothing happened. 

Now is the time to pick which side you are on. Christians were told to come out of the world, and they didn’t. Now the world has gotten to the point that a true bible believing conservative Christian should be appealed by what the world is doing. The nature of the woke culture. The cancel culture can ruin you and/or your business in a matter of hours. And the failure of leadership to deal with those who violate the law because of their respective political beliefs. And, of course, the alignment of politics. Some people are afraid to say they are Republicans and support conservative values for fear of the above.

True Christians should desire to have no affiliations with the world beyond what is necessary

How can a true conservative bible believing Christian justify their associations with the world. How can they support the entertainment industry in any fashion with the comments that members of that profession have made about those with a conservative mindset. Hollywood has an extremely low opinion of Christianity. And yet those so-called Christians who continue to support them have no problem. Or the Democratic Party who also hates conservative Christianity. They have as their party objectives many things that are in direct opposition to conservative Christianity, and yet those Christians professing a Democratic Party affiliation take no issue with their anti-Christian objectives.

The battle lines are being drawn, choose which side you want to be on wisely – it may cost you your salvation?

Gregg F. Swift, J.D.