Can Christianity Survive The New World?

Will Christianity Survive?

That’s such a highly subjective question. The problem with answering it is that in today’s world we have to first define what Christian means. That didn’t used to be the case. With what passes today as Christian, inside the so-called Christianworld, there is no telling what the answer will be from most Christians. There are so many brands of Christianity with so many hybrid groups or denominations that true biblical Christianity seems almost non-existent. How many women in your church have their heads covered? How about women speaking in an assembly? What about water baptism as a requirement for salvation? What about separation from the world? What about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. How about divine healing? How often does your church cast out devils? How many in your church speak in tongues? Which of the 9 manifestation gifts of 1 Corinthians 12 does your church have (and they are given to all)? How many people do your church elders lays hands on for healing (and they actually receive it)?

The actions, conduct and attitudes of the liberal left on display leading up to the presidential inauguration, and the policies being adopted by liberal elites, corporations, media, and political pundits, against conservatives, as evidenced in the days following the ratification of the vote is nothing more than demonic. That’s what happens when you get involved in Satan’s world. At that’s exactly what happened to the Christian conservative cause. The Bible said to have no fellowship with them, to not be unequally yoked with them, and to come out from among them and be separate; and yet those professing to be Conservative Christians did just the opposite and pushed harder for their voice to be heard in Satan’s kingdom. How long did you think that would last.

That brand of Christianity will not survive, at all. And anyone involved in it may be risking an appearance at the Great White Throne Judgment. But biblical Christianity, which is currently practiced by a precious few, will thrive. Those believers who have no interest in the world’s affairs and who choose to associate with like-minded people who believe, and follow the mandate of Mark 16:17-18 and understand Mark 16:16, they will shine.

In order for this worldly brand of Conservative Christianity to survive, in the world, it will have to adapt to the new rulers. Look at the Republicans in the Senate and the House. How many of them have already turned on President Trump just to survive in the new world. Corporations followed, as well as tech giants, and anyone else who saw this new wave coming. All the while those professing this Republican Conservative Christianity remain oblivious as to how God works, and the fact that this kingdom (the USA, like every other country) belongs to the Devil — lock, stock, and barrel. How many Conservative Christians today believe in abortion, or pre-marital sex, separation from the world, or don’t believe in the inerrancy God’s Word. These so-called believers forget one simple thing; God is the one who chooses kings, and sets the power that be in place. These efforts by Republican Christian Conservatives is folly. So for now the pendulum has swung to the left in a big way. The right will hone their skills to make sure that when it comes back it will go equally as far to the right. All while the Devil and his camp laugh at all of them.

Gregg F. Swift, J.D.