Christianity & The New Hollywood

In case you have had your head in the sand for the past couple of years here is a brief update of Christianity & The New Hollywood

They hate you, they want to destroy you and your beliefs and basically want you dead – but they want this while you continue supporting them by watching their movies, their television shows, their concerts and buying the products they are selling

If you are continuing to support these people by watching them, going to their movies, or buying their merchandise, then this article, this website, and this message of true biblically based Christianity is not for you. Just go and do pretty much whatever you want because, in the off chance you are a Christian, you are not one that is moving in the right direction, and you are about as close to not being one as you can get. You can try to be selective in who you watch on television or what movies you go to or the lyrics of the albums they sell, but you are dangerously close to not being saved. It’s not that you will lose your salvation after actually becoming a Christian, its that you probably never were an actual Christian because true biblically based Christianity involves repentance, becoming a new creation in Christ Jesus, separation from the world, and having no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.

If the New Hollywood is criticizing you and your Christian beliefs, how can you support them. If they are pushing a political agenda that is opposed to every aspect of true biblically based Christianity, how can you support them. Just look at the news and all of the New Hollywood players that are criticizing everything a true Christian believes in. They are pushing an agenda that will strip true biblically based Christianity of any credibility. 

Gregg F. Swift, J.D.