Christians Shouldn’t Have Any Politics

Christians Shouldn’t Have Any Politics – After All True Believers Are Not Of This World!

Imagine Jesus and his disciples deciding to protest against the Roman treatment of Jews and the occupation of Palestine. Imagine the Apostles choosing to protest against Rome for the killing of all of those whose only crime was believing Jesus was the promised Messiah. And yet, the Bible is silent on the topic of protesting, and quite clear on the topic of Christians being part of the secular world.

Christians are called to be separate from the world. That includes not having any associations with politics. Once you identify with a political party you are subject to their rules. You certainly cannot be a Christian and adhere to the policies outlined in the Democratic Party Platform, e.g., their position on abortion, LBGTQ, Israel, and Christians and Christianity in general. And the Republican Party is not much better. While they certainly cater to a significant portion of today’s Evangelical Christianity (and other types), the bulk of the Republican politicians simply cannot be Christian by the biblical definition and standard outlined in the Bible – their fruits. Just listen to them. Their words alone speak volumes as to their beliefs and understanding of the Bible. Remember, President Bush famously once said that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. They will turn on you in a second if it suits them. Since the unsaved belong to the Devil, you can count on that happening at some point, Democrats and Republicans. They are coming after Christians. You have been warned!

Gregg F. Swift, J.D.