Healing Images | World Images Are Non-Stop

We see approximately 4,000 to 10,000+ advertising images per day

Some estimates put the amount of advertising images alone, that we see per day, at between 4,000 and 10,000. What about all the other images we see daily? What about the actual content of what we are looking at on television or the internet; not the ads, just the content? So what is the Christian supposed to do? Well, the obvious is don’t look at things your aren’t supposed to. But what about all the other stuff like television shows, movies, Youtube, and video games? And when you consider that Christians do precious little to put the good images in their minds and reflect, contemplate or meditate on them, then it seems like every day we are losing the battle of viewing images. Everyday, more and more, worldly images are being filtered into our subconscious; the effects of which no one knows. But it can’t be good. That is what advertising is all about; inundating you with images to modify your behavior You buy products or services, or react a certain way, because of the images that are put in your field of view. Ads are everywhere; so too, images are everywhere. So what happens if we put good images, scriptural images in our path on the scale that advertisers do with worldly products? How long would it take before you notice changes as a result of looking at good, scriptural images? No one knows, but if it works for secular advertisers, it’s a good bet it will work to the benefit of the Christian who sets good things before their eyes.  

How did you learn your ABC’s, and how fast can you say them?

We are supposed to get the Word of God down in our hearts and meditate on it. And we do that by saying them over and over again. How many scriptures can you quote, chapter and verse, on any given subject in the Bible? Let’s take biblical healing for example. How many Old Testament scriptures can you quote? Now, how fast can you quote them? If I asked you how fast you can say your ABC’s your could probably recite them extremely fast. Or, if I asked you to count to ten you could do that equally as fast. So, how fast can you quote your favorite scriptures on any given Bible subject? It’s certainly not about speed, or saying them quickly. It is, however, about how well you know them, and saying them fast is a good indication of how well you know them. Saying them fast to yourself that is. You don’t want people to think you’re nuts running around saying Bible verses at warp speed.

Use Bible verse images to compete with worldly images

I wondered about this for some time and came up with a simple solution to, at the very least, compete with worldly images. Look at biblical images. I took images relating to healing off the internet. I put hundreds of them together in a movie using iMovie on my Mac computer. Then I added a song. What I have below is for demonstration purposes as I don’t own the rights to the music or the pictures. I made the hundreds of images I used move quickly in this 5 minute video, changing up the order of the pictures and repeating them. As a result, in the course of 5 minutes there are about 80,000 images being presented. While you conscious mind can only process about 40 bits of information per second, your subconscious mind can process about 40,000 bits of information per second. So these image are being seen by your subconscious mind, even though, if you actually watch the video you can see that the are clearly scripture related pictures. They’re just moving very fast.

Christians can use technology for good things

I have made some audios versions with subliminal scriptures that I read into a microphone, recorded, and put together with worship songs using Garage Band on my Mac computer. These subliminal scriptures mean that while the music is playing I can’t audibly hear the scriptures that I recorded, but my subconscious hears every word. I did the same thing with several movies. While the thousands of images in the videos are visible, but happening very quickly, they are technically not subliminal; even though you can’t see every picture. They are just moving too quickly, but you know there is a picture if you look closely. Some of the pictures you can see quite clearly. Because this type of media is between subliminal and supraliminal, it isn’t necessary to stare at it like a movie. Your subconscious mind will see every picture even if it’s just out of the corner of your eye. As a result of watching these movies that I made, and listening to the audios, I have noticed that I desire to memorize more scripture as a result of these movies. I have also noticed a difference in appreciation for spiritual things. I have a couple of extra monitors and I play these videos for hours while I am working on the computer. I don’t need to look at any of them because my subconscious mind sees everything. It is truly a shame that science has been taken out of Christianity. After all, unless I missed something, in addition to creating the heavens and the earth, God created protons, neutrons, and electrons. And electrons are what makes technology possible. 

Gregg F. Swift, J.D.