Is Health Insurance Opposed To The Bible?

Health insurance is not opposed to the Bible, but your having it demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding of the Word of God on the subject of healing

An extremely detailed answer to this question is required. We will cover this topic in detail in the future. Suffice it to say for now that the level of your conviction in your belief of having health insurance in case something happens is probably diametrically opposed to your level of faith in believing God for healing when you get sick and your health insurance doesn’t help you. What that means is that if you have health insurance because you are concerned that something bad might happen, then you probably don’t have faith to believe in God for healing when that bad thing happens. At that point you will find yourself in a position that you need to be healed of something and instead of putting your faith and trust in God you chose to believe that health insurance was the better way.

You may also have believed that health insurance would help you take care of the costs that you would have had to incur if you got sick, and they will. But this is in opposition to developing a relationship with God such that He would provide for you in the event of sickness, until you could correct that which was wrong that led to the sickness in the first place.

None of this means that God won’t heal you if you need it just because you opted for health insurance. Having health insurance is simply a societal thing for people living in westernized societies. But to the truly believing Christian vs. those that just say they are Christins (see article on Christians Vs. Believing Christians) it should be a matter of concern. If you have health insurance and exhaust those resources and are still sick, it doesn’t mean that God can’t come to your rescue. That is a matter of faith and relationship. The better choice would have been to stand in faith from the beginning and say that you didn’t need health insurance because God is your source and healer. But that is a truly minority position in the body of Christ today, and one of the reasons that divine healing is not as prevalent among churches and believing Christians.

more to come…..

Gregg F. Swift, J.D.