The LBGTQ Will Destroy Today’s Christianity!

LBGTQ Anti-Discrimination Laws Will Destroy Today’s Christianity

The anti-discrimination laws that are being passed at the state and federal level have but one purpose in mind —to destroy Christianity. The passing of such laws will ultimately prevent biblically based Christian churches and biblically based Christian organizations from discriminating against the hiring and firing of LBGTQ individuals based on their sexual orientation. Think about it for a minute. Those professing an LBGTQ affiliation could not be refused employment based on sexual orientation if they applied for a job at a biblically based Christian church or its school. You know as well as I that if an LBGTQ person applied for a job at a biblically based Christian Church or its school, and was not hired, that they would more than likely file a lawsuit against that church. Now multiply that lawsuit by the number of biblically based Christian churches, schools and biblically based Christian organizations in the country and you have the approximate number or lawsuits that will occur over time as this law progresses from state to state. 

I used the term biblically based to identify a certain kind of church that would be subject to both these new laws and a potential lawsuits for discrimination. True biblically based churches, schools and organizations will not subject their respective organizations to the requirements of LBGTQ anti-discrimination laws. True biblically based churches, schools and organizations will fight with every tool available before submitting to such an onerous law. These truly biblically based organizations would rather close than submit to such laws that essentially are nothing more than attacks against true biblically based Christianity. Other churches have long since submitted in favor of the LBGTQ community. Many churches openly solicit LBGTQ participation, others ordain LBGTQ members as pastors. These are not now, never have been, nor ever will be true biblically based Christians organizations. 

There is however, no reason to become alarmed, in one respect. This is the kind of stuff that is supposed to happen in the latter days. All these things serve to do is to point to the relevance of biblical prophecy and its unfolding. All we have to do is keep our eye on the prize and the expectation of the return of the Lord.


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Gregg F. Swift, J.D.