POLITICS, It’s The Devil’s World – What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?

Unbiblical Political Decisions Shouldn’t Surprise Any True Conservative Biblically Based Christian

It truly amazes me that Christians are upset with the decisions that are made in the world of politics. United States Supreme Justice Gorusch, this week, rules in favor of the LBGTQ crowd so employers can’t fire employee who have this lifestyle persuasion. And about a week ago Justice Roberts joins the liberals in refusing to grant relief to a California Pentecostal church that sought to overturn Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s order that churches have a 25% limit on capacity with no more than 100 worshippers. You can go to Home Depot or a grocery store or protest alongside thousands with no consequences, but if you exceed 100 worshippers at your church you can be arrested.

It’s the Devils world and he can do whatever he wants, subject to God’s intervention. It’s interesting that Jesus’ primary mission was to destroy the works of the Devil and He, and His disciples, spent a great amount of time healing and casting out devils. And yet, you don’t hear Christians today talk about the daily working of devils and demons in lives of people. Why, well, first of all it is only a fraction of Christianity today that even believes in demons and their influence on mankind. It is even a smaller fraction inside Christianity that believes that demons are responsible for the actions of all unsaved persons and even some who profess to be saved. Did Jesus and his disciples get rid of all the demons? Or are the demons and devils hiding better in plain sight? It’s probably that Christianity has move so far from biblical values that we no longer recognize demons and devils when they are right in front of you. I believe that was one of the primary reasons the Apostle Paul said to separate ourselves from the world and have nothing to do with it. 

Sin is a choice that people make, whether it is influenced by evil or just a preference that someone has. In many cases the propensity for someone to habitually sin is because of powerful demonic influences or even possession. Christianity is so desensitized to the idea of demons and devils walking about whispering in the ears of people that what is accepted as normal conversation  with a person may in fact just be a conversion with a person who is so influenced by demonic sources that the thoughts and opinions of that person are not their own. Like talking to a pro-choice Christian Democrat who thinks abortion is simply a woman’s choice. You can almost see the pitchfork when speaking with a person like that. 

Don’t expect things to get better. This is the falling away, this is the last days. While you can’t judge with certainty the religious commitment that someone else has, you know, whether they are a Christian or not, you can certainly judge their fruit. Sinners don’t go to heaven, so the work of the true conservative bible-believing Christian is not to judge but correct. If you don’t tell them what they are doing is wrong, and tell them when they are doing it, they won’t know that they are being deceived. And that deception is not a thought, it’s a demonic influence. As real as your shadow and sometimes hiding in plain sight. Without repentance there is no remission of sin. Either you became a new creation in Christ Jesus or you didn’t. Either the old things passed away and all things became new or they didn’t. Either you are working for God or the Devil. And the whole world, that is not saved, is under the influence of the Devil.

Gregg F. Swift, J.D.