Prophecy Is Like A Movie

Prophecy is more than just words on a page

This illustration is only to make a point. Prophecy is like a two-hour movie based on one simple subject. Think of prophecy like that for a moment. It’s not just words on a page but an event that you can see. When you are looking at prophetic events in the Bible most people are looking for that word, or phrase, or sentence that talks about what they are looking at. Like the rapture for example. People search for the word rapture, or hope to find one phrase, sentence or paragraph that explains what the rapture is and when it will occur. And, of course, they are not going to find it. But when you look at that event as you would a movie you begin to see a lot of other moving parts that make up the event of the rapture.

I went to church – 4 simple words

It’s kind of like going to church. If I asked you on Monday what you did on Sunday, you might say “I went to church.” But does that make up the entirety of the event of you going to church? No, of course not. You had to get up and get ready. You had to pick out the clothes you were going to wear. You had to get the kids ready. You had to eat breakfast and feed the family. Then you had to get everyone in the car and head to church. You got to church and had to look for a parking space. Then you had to get the kids checked in while saying hello to everyone you encountered along the way. You finally got a seat in the sanctuary after looking for your friends. You sat down and started talking to your neighbors or started reading your Bible. Service started and you sang a few songs, clapped your hands, hugged a few people and then sat down. You listened to a few announcements and looked for your offering. You had to think about your offering, whether it was enough or too much or whatever. The offering came and went and the preacher started to preach. He did this for about an hour and then it was time to reverse the whole process and go to lunch or back home with the kids or whatever else you did. And all of this occurred as an answer to a simple question about what did you do yesterday —”I went to church.”

The event of the rapture is just like the above example of going to church on Sunday. The event of the rapture is clearly defined as beginning in Revelation 11:15 and ending with the last part of Revelation 14. There are several things that occur with the event of the rapture. Sure, there is one instance where everyone alive is caught up, but it is a much larger event with a number of other events occurring in order to make way for the event of the rapture. How do we know this? Well, just look at the events of Revelation 11:15 thru Revelation 14. Don’t just read the words on the page. Take you time and see what is going on. Picture it in your imagination. Revelation 10:7 says that when the angel is about to sound the 7th trumpet the mystery of God is complete. That mystery is found in Ephesians 3:1-6. When that mystery is complete the rapture begins. John has a vision and then many things start to happen: Satan and his angels are thrown down to the earth in a battle with Michael and his angels; the woman, Israel flees to the wilderness to be protected for 3 1/2 years; the Antichrist and the False Prophet are revealed; Jesus is standing on Mt. Zion; He is then seen seated on a cloud; he reaps the earth with a sharp sickle and the events end. Then if you look at Revelation 15 you see the 7 angels preparing the to receive their orders from God to pour out the 7 plagues (or vials or bowls).

more to come…..

Gregg F. Swift, J.D.