HULU | Mind Control or Just Entertainment

Is HULU just an entertainment company or is there something more sinister happening behind the scenes with them. The information to follow seems to indicate that there is some type of plan in place by unknown actors (not Hollywood actors but a participant in an action or process) to directly influence the mind or behavior through the manipulation of the television signal as well as any other form of signal transmission to a monitor type device.

The HULU commercials some years back weren’t even hiding the fact that it was their intention to manipulate and control the mind thru the television signal. They were so in your face about their ad campaign that some commercials depicted the star as actually being an alien who clearly stated that the television signal was all about alien mind control.

Real or not it is certainly a very interesting notion. The video links are down below where you can see some of the commercials themselves as well as a video from a conspiracy guy who goes into a little more detail. I don’t necessarily subscribe to conspiracy theories but his take on things is interesting to say the least (so are some of his other videos).

Hulu Plus Mind Control Super Bowl Commercial A 

Hulu – Alec Baldwin in Huluwood (2009)

Hulu – Alec Baldwin’s Number 2 (2009)

HULU and TELEVISIONS are Deadly, and I’ll Prove It

Gregg F. Swift, J.D.