Jesus or Yeshua! What is Our Savior’s Real Name?

The real translation of the name Jesus into English is probably Joshua

Let’s take a quick look at name of Jesus and it’s origin. In Hebrew the name for Jesus would be Yeshua. Today’s English translation would be more like Joshua. The name Jesus originated with a translation from Hebrew to Greek which was the language the New Testament was written in. The name Yeshua became Iesous in Greek and then the English translation for Iesous became Jesus. But the letter J didn’t sound the same as it does today.

The letter J didn’t exist until around 1524 A.D.

The letter J with it’s current sound, like jam, didn’t even exist until 1524. That is when Gian Giorgio Trissino made his contribution to grammar by making a distinction in the pronunciation of the letter J, which was previously pronounced with the sound of an I (which sounded like an e. He is given credit for the current pronunciation of the letter J. He is referred to as the father of the letter J.

Gregg F. Swift, J.D.