Is Tithing Scriptural for New Testament Believers?

Tithing is not even mentioned in the New Testament as a requirement

No! There is no mention of tithing in the New Testament with the provision that it is a requirement. It is briefly mentioned in Hebrews but only in a reference to how it was utilized in the Old Testament. A quick note: The New Testament is both a book and a covenant. The New Testament book includes the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The New Testament church did not come into existence until Acts 2.

Should we give? Yes. Should we tithe? If you want to give 10% to someone or some group, that is up to you. That is what tithe means, 10%. But it is not a requirement. In the Old Testament tithing was done to support the priesthood. In the New Testament there is no Old Testament priesthood, presumably why none of the New Testament writers addressed the issue of tithing being a requirement. Giving is good, and you should support the ministries you get your information from, but you are not required.

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Is Tithing Scriptural?


Gregg F. Swift, J.D.