What is Preterism?

Preterism is the belief that all prophecy in the Bible has already happened

Preterism looks at the prophetic events of the book of Revelation as already having occurred. Preterists believe that end-time related prophecies were fulfilled around 70 A.D. Preterism teaches that since all prophecy has been fulfilled, the Kingdom of God has already arrived, the Great commission has been fulfilled, and the Antichrist, and the Devil, have already been cast into the eternal lake of fire.

And as you might imagine, as with many topics relating to modern-day Christianity, there are varying degrees to which people believe this subject. Some believe all it entails, while others believe only some things related to preterism. It is a topic that is a complete waste of time to literally wander into. Charismatic Christianity has no such belief. For the Charismatic Christian the events of the book of Revelation are future prophetic events. While it appears, since the world is on fire, that some of those prophetic events are on the verge of occurring, as they haven’t yet happened, they are still prophetic or in the future.


Gregg F. Swift, J.D.